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All you need is Nar!

Get "Welcome" bundle, call to any country at affordable prices, surf the internet and share your feelings as soon as you come to Azerbaijan.

You will get the services indicated in the table for purchased amount:

Service Amount Price (AZN)
Internet  6 GB 10
  • Notes


    • The price of all-net minute is 0.07 AZN, all-net SMS – 0.07 AZN, international SMS – 0.10 AZN, internet (1 MB) – 0.29 AZN;
    • International call price is 0.32 AZN per minute; Please find detailed rates here:
    • VAT included.

    To check bonuses:

    Calculation interval:

    • Calculation interval of calls is 60 seconds;
    • Internet calculation interval is 40 kb.


    • The usage period of provided Internet traffic within the "Welcome" bundle is 30 calendar days. On the 31st day, the number is shifted to the both-way blocked regime;
    • In case of sufficient amount on balance, package can be reactivated. In this case, the remained balance of Internet is terminated;
    • The migration from other tariffs to "Welcome" and vice-versa is impossible;
    • The offered prices and any bonuses do not apply to short numbers, as well as to calls in roaming, SMS, any content or high-paying premium services (during NarAir, SMS, downloads);

    • 1 GB = 1000 MB.
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