Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions
How to check balance?
  • Dial code one of the following codes: *777#YES, *100#YES*777#10#YES; The request fee is 0.04 AZN.
  • Send to 777 via SMS ( 1 SMS fee will be charged from your balance);
  • Via Nar+ app.
How to top up the balance?
  • Get Nar card and dial *777#11# {Nar Card code}#YES;
  • Via online methods: with Nar+ app and bank cards;
  • Choose Nar logo on payment terminals, then enter number and amount;
  • Go to Nar centers, banks and post offices.
How can I check my current tariff?
How to change tariff?
  • In order to change your tariff dial activation code of chosen tariff.
  • Send a keyword to 777 via SMS
  • Via Nar+ app.
  • Visit one of our service centers (in order to receive an activation code you must have the number (SIM-card) on which you want to change the tariff).
How can I check internet pack’s balance?
  • Dial code *777#77#YES;
  • Send i to 777 via SMS ( 1 SMS fee will be charged from your balance);
  • Via Nar+ app.
How can I top up the balance of other Nar user using Balance transfer service?

Via SMS:

o    For 0.2 AZN, send 070/077  subscriber’s number  #02 text to 790;

o    For 0.5 AZN, send  070/077 subscriber’s number  #05 text to 790;

o    For 1 AZN, send 070/077 subscriber’s number  #1 text to 790;

o    For 2 AZN, send 070/077 subscriber’s number  #2 text to 790.

 Via USSD request:

o    For 0.2 AZN, dial  *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #02#YES;

o    For 0.5 AZN, dial *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #05#YES;

o    For 1 AZN, dual *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #1#YES;

o    For 2 AZN, dial *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #2#YES;

Via Nar+ app

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