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Talk with Nar subscribers as long as you want!

“Unlimited” tariff gives you unlimited calls and messages to Nar subscribers only for 33 gepiks per day.

  • Prices
    Service Price(AZN)
    On-net call minute  0.07
    Off-net call minute 0.07
    SMS (on-net and off-net) 0.06
    Internet (1 MB) 0.29

    VAT included. 

  • Notes

    To check bonuses:

    To check remaining debt:


    • In case of unused daily on-net 400 bonus minutes and 100 bonus SMS, the bonuses will be collected and be valid during calendar month. These remaining bonuses are not transferred to the next month and will be reset while tariff change;
    • In case if you do not have enough balance in your account, daily subscription fee will be added to the balance of your number as a debt amount and you will not get free minutes and SMS. While increasing the balance, remaining outstanding debt will be deducted from the balance;
    • Calculating interval for all calls is 30 seconds. The price of first 30 seconds for paid calls is 0.04 AZN;
    • If new Nar number will be activated on Unlimited tariff, you will get 2 AZN as a gift. This amount can be used for all-net calls and SMS;
    • The offered prices and any bonuses do not apply to short numbers, as well as to calls in roaming, SMS, any content or high-paying premium services (during NarAir, SMS, downloads).

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