Nömrəni gizli saxla
Nömrəni gizli saxla

Call from a hidden number

Hide your number from the person you call!

If you prefer to keep number secret, you can hide your number from the subscriber that you call. To do this, upon activation of the service, you need merely to add # 31 # before the dialled number. Cost of service is 90 kopecks per month.

"Hidden Nar" service can be activated as follows:

  • dial +SOCLIR and send to 777 

You can at any time to suspend Hidden Nar Service by the following way:

  • dial -SOCLIR, and send message to 777 

Cost of Hidden Nar Service is 90 kopecks per month.

Upon activation of the service you can use it within 30 days. Upon expiration of 30 days, the service will be automatically extended.