Balansi istediyin kimi artir
Balansi istediyin kimi artir

Top up your balance

There are a lot of ways to top up balance!

You can choose any payment method convenient for you and increase your balance anytime and anywhere.To check validity period of payments follow the link.

  • In Nar centers

    It is enough to provide money, your phone number or personal account number. Upon successful completion of the payment, the subscriber is issued a receipt, and customer should keep this receipt.

  • In banks

    Payment is accepted in cash. Upon making the payment, the money will be credited to your account in a short time, after which your phone will be sent SMS on the amount paid. All Nar subscribers can make payment in bank.

  • In terminals

    You can make payment through ExpressPay, MilliÖn and eManat POS-terminals in cash. Enter the section of mobile services, select "Nar", enter your Nar number and insert desired amount of money. After top up you will receive SMS.

    Maximum payment limit in terminals:

    • ExpressPay: 1 AZN - 500 AZN
    • eManat: 1 AZN - 800 AZN
    • MilliÖn: 1 AZN - 1000 AZN
  • In Post Offices

    You can top up your balance in all post offices of "Azərpoçt" LLC.