Azerfon MMC

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Every Nar subscriber who participated in the Karabakh wars can get discount on one of the FULL packages by approaching Nar center.




Discounted price

Full 9

300 min. all-net calls + 1.5 GB internet


Full 14

450 min. all-net calls + 2 GB internet


Full 19

600 min. all-net calls + 2.5 GB internet

10 AZN

Full 29

Unlimited on-net calls + 1000 min. off-net calls + 3 GB internet

15 AZN

Full 39

Unlimited on-net calls + 1500 min. off-net calls + 5 GB internet

20 AZN

Full 49

Unlimited on-net calls + 2000 min. off-net calls + 10 GB internet

25 AZN

For detailed information on FULL packages visit:

In order to receive a discounted FULL package, our veterans must present following documents:

  • Identity card
  • "War Veteran of the Republic of Azerbaijan" certificate or military card proving participation in the Karabakh wars

For more information about Nar centers and their addresses visit:

  • Notes
    • Subscriber will get discount on first subscription to certain FULL pack and on all further renewals of this pack.
    • Subscriber can change selected FULL pack for discount to another FULL pack by applying to Nar center again.
    • Discount is available for all prepaid number.
    • Number must be registered on veteran's name.
    • Discount can be applied only to one number registered on veteran’s name.
    • Only one active discount can be applied to the number.
    • All prices include VAT.