Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility

We support projects and realize our social responsibilities
  • Our Sponsorship Strategy

    Through its sponsorship programs Nar aims to implement the projects that will be able to make a tangible contribution to positive changes in society.

    Selection criteria of the projects

    All applications addressed to Nar for sponsorship will be evaluated in accordance with the selection criteria given below:

    Main criteria

    • Type of the project (the proposal does not apply to political parties, religious organizations, teams (groups) and individuals)
    • Scope of the project (does the partner have a primary target audience which can somehow be characterized?)
    • Exclusiveness of the sector (is exclusivity guaranteed under the proposed project in the telecommunications sector?)
    • Compatibility (does the project reflect a healthy and positive image? Does the project adversely affect the brand image?)
    • Difference (Partner offers a new (innovative) project)
    • A trustworthy partner (Partner distinguishes with an uninterrupted activity with different  sponsors for the last 4 years as well as successful projects)
    • Media coverage (Partner has a high track record of highlighting the projects in media)


    • Initiatives reflecting the projects having national components are supported (they can be the projects related to the promotion of national heroes, culture, art and sports)
    • Projects promoting education and development
    • Projects promoting technology and innovation
    • Projects complying with our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

    Organizations wishing to submit their projects for Nar consideration should fill out the attached file and send it to sponsorships@azerfon.az

    To see our sponsorship projects, please click on the link.

  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility

    It is known that the development of mobile communication technologies is of great importance for the development of the modern world and the scientific and technological revolution in terms of influencing the lives of modern people. Large companies operating in the field of information and communication technologies can play an invaluable role in addressing a number of major problems in the world and improving people's well-being. Azerfon LLC known as the most innovative, progressive company committing to the principles of humanism in Azerbaijan, considers its activities precisely from this position and understands the importance of decisions made by it for everyday life of society. In this regard, Azerfon, being well aware of the overall importance of its mission, assumes social obligations to society.

    The use of modern mobile technologies for giving a mass impulse to people's social lives and ensuring permanent positive changes in their everyday lives is an important factor and it is  one of the main principles guided by Azerfon. Transparency in the sphere of customer service is aimed at providing information and convenience for the people and opens up wide opportunities for it. Justifying confidence and winning people's trust by its social responsibility, "Azerfon" prefers long-term and permanent projects and makes an incomparable contribution to overall development.

    Azerfon removes all barriers, opposes discrimination and stereotypes, gives a chance to all members of society to demonstrate their abilities, and provides support and creates conditions for opening new horizons for them.

    Part of the corporate social responsibility strategy of the company is the company's policy on integration into the society of Azerbaijani citizens with limited hearing. Azerfon LLC was the first which made such an initiative in the business environment of Azerbaijan and provided work for many young people with speech and hearing impairments. The company organized various training courses for these young people, took important steps to adapt them to society, thus giving a bright example to the business sector of the country.

    Supporting all initiatives and projects implemented in the name of Azerbaijan's bright future, Azerfon pays special attention to the development of education in the country, and also places special emphasis on participation in many projects in the field of entrepreneurship, employment, culture, art, etc.

    To view social projects with our support, please click on the link.