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Support “Karabakh Revival Fund” EN mob Support “Karabakh Revival Fund”

The main purpose of the “Karabakh Revival Fund”, established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is to ensure a modern and decent living conditions for sustainable settlement in the liberated territories, to carry out construction and rehabilitation works in all areas, as well as to support safe living, efficient operation and sustainable growth.

You can make a direct donation to the “Karabakh Revival Fund” from your balance by sending SMS to the short number 8112.

You can support the “Karabakh Revival Fund”  by sending an SMS to the short code 8112 with the corresponding keyword of the amount you want to donate.

 Donation amount SMS
1 AZN Send 1 to 8112
3 AZN Send 3 to 8112
5 AZN Send 5 to 8112
10 AZN Send 10 to 8112
20 AZN Send 20 to 8112
50 AZN Send 50 to 8112
  • Notes:
    • Each SMS is free of charge, only donated amount will be deducted from your balance;
    • Service is available for prepaid numbers;
    • Each subscriber can donate different amounts several times;
    • Given service is one-time service, not subscription.