Kredit gotur
Kredit gotur

Take a credit

If your balance has expired, take credit right away!

If you don’t have enough money, or you cannot top up the balance at the moment, Nar Credit service will help you. You can take a credit amounting to 0.50 AZN, 1 AZN, 2 AZN and 3 AZN. Afterwards, when you top up your balance, this amount will be written off from the balance.

Now your friend can take a credit for you. You will receive the amount on your balance and credit will be paid by your friend.

  • Prices

    Your credit limit will be defined based on the analysis of your network history. The maximum cumulative credit limit is 7 AZN. The available credit amounts and the service fees are listed below: 

    Credit Amount (AZN) Service fee (AZN)
    0.5 0.10
    1.0 0.20
    2.0 0.40
    3.0 0.60
  • Notes
    • Nar Credit service is only available for subscribers of prepaid system in the active status;
    • Taking a credit does not extend activity status of the number
    • Credit debt is written off from the balance upon following top-up of the balance
    • You must top up your balance at least once during the last 30 days
    • Subscriber’s cumulative current debt cannot exceed his/her credit limit
    • Subscriber must be active at least 30 days in his/her network.
    • Subscriber should not be in Black List
    • In case subscriber is activated less than 30 days on network, but makes a top-up of 1 AZN during 7 days since the date of mobile number activation, he/she is eligible to use the Narcredit service
    • Nar Credit request’s value (including the code sent to learn about  Nar Credit debt) is 0.05* AZN
    • If there are no sufficient funds in the balance to deduct, then the request fee will be deducted next time while topping up the balance.Upon the tenth request, the request fee is not included in the debt. Maximum amount of recorded debt for request fee cannot be greater than 0.50** AZN. The request fee will be written off from your balance even if you are not eligible for credit.
    • If the balance is topped up  by "Mobile transfer" service, Nar Credit debt is not written off
    • Nar Credit service is also available in roaming
    • In order to use Credit from Friend service, the mobile number of the subscriber who sent request will be checked and if the number meets all conditions, relevant notifications will be sent to both numbers and the sum will be loaded to the other number
    • In case if you sent the request for top up credit to friend’s number and there are no enough funds, it will be checked whether the number meets all conditions and in case of eligibility notifications will be sent to both numbers. Friend can approve the credit request on his/her number during 30 minutes. Confirmation code will not be accepted after that.  
  • Subscription
    • Credit can be taken/payed via Nar+ app or via My Account
    • Dial *700#YES code to use Nar Credit service
    • If your friend wants to take a credit for you, he/she should dial *700*your number#YES
    • If you want to send credit request to your friend you need to dial *700*1*friend’s number#YES

    Note: When dialing the number, prefixes must be included.

    *To check the current debt, dial *700#150#YES