CavanNar 9

5 GB İnternet + 5 GB Social Media

500 minutes within tariff

Just 9 AZN

If your internet package is not enough for you, join CavanNar and get more fun, more communication, more information!

General information:

Name of tariff Offer Activation methods Usage period Price 
SMS Code
CavanNar 9

5 GB Internet + 5 GB Social Media*

500 minutes within tariff

Send C9 to 777 *777#9#YES 30 days 9 AZN

*Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VK


Extra internet packs

If you need extra internet traffic during usage period of CavanNar package you can use packs mentioned below:

Offer Activation methods Usage period  Price 
SMS Code
500 MB Send 500 to 777 *777#2#YES 30 days 2 AZN
1 GB Send 1000 to 777 *777#4#YES 30 days 4 AZN

Packs can be used several times. Bonuses are accumulated.

Extra internet packs can be used when CavanNar tariff’s monthly fee is paid.


Additional information:
Service Price 
All-net minute

0.05 AZN

All-net SMS

0.05 AZN

  • Notes
    • CavanNar tariff’s bonuses can be reordered via one of the following ways:
      ▹ Log in to Nar+ app or to My Account
      ▹ Dial *777#15#YES 
    • During reorder of CavanNar tariff remaining current bonuses will be nulled
    • Dial *777#20#YES or sendto 777 to get information regarding bonuses
    • Any external websites or application which will be opened through any applications mentioned above; calls and video calls made within the above-mentioned applications will be charged from the main internet traffic
    • If subscriber’s social network bonuses are over, then internet used for the above-mentioned applications will be charged from the main data traffic
    • When main Internet traffic and social network internet traffic are used up, subscriber’s internet is blocked. When data bonuses are used up, while social bundle bonuses are not over, only the above-mentioned applications will be available
    • Subscriber will be able to purchase only extra internet packs
    • Extra internet pack can be used only within CavanNar tariff. If subscriber migrates to another tariff, extra internet pack will be removed

    • After 30 days, bonuses will be automatically renewed if there is enough money on the balance. In case of insufficient funds on the balance to pay the monthly fee, all bonuses will be nulled, new monthly bonuses will not be loaded, calculations will be done based on current tariff and internet will be blocked
    • After the activation of the new number on CavanNar tariff, the first tariff change will be free of charge
    • Migration from any other tariff to CavanNar tariff is free of charge, remaining bonuses of internet packages can be used. Migration from FULL 9/14/19/29/39/49 packages to CavanNar tariff is 1 AZN
    • If subscriber migrates from CavanNar 6 to CavanNar 9 or vice-versa, bonuses will be nulled
    • When subscriber migrates to CavanNar from another tariff, other tariff’s bonuses will be nulled
    • Prices and bonuses shown in the table do not apply to calls to short numbers and in roaming, any high content or premium-paid services (talks, roaming, NarAir, SMS, downloads)
    • “Within Tariff Calls” group of CavanNar includes: CavanNar 6, CavanNar 9, old  CavanNar
    • All prices include 18% VAT
    • Rounding for all-net calls is 60 seconds
    • Rounding for internet within tariff is 40 kb
    • 1 GB = 1000 MB
Frequently Asked Questions