Bulk SMS service will now be offered directly by Nar operator, and each customer will be able to benefit from the service at more affordable prices. Additionally, technical and financial matters will be regulated directly with the operator. With this service, сollaborating customers can send real-time transactional messages (bank notifications, OTP code sending, etc.) and/or bulk SMS related to campaigns, discounts, events, opening of new offices, and sales points on behalf of the company. For cooperation, please contact our representatives:
Hotline phone: 777
Email: biznes-nar@azerfon.az


 The following types of bulk SMS messaging service are available:

  Profiled SMS Service SMS Campaign SMS
Subscriber Databasetype Selection of the target audience based on criteria, messaging based on the number of subscribers provided by the operator. Customer's existing subscriber database Customer's existing subscriber database
Executor Operator Customer Customer
Subscriber Database Numbers selected by the operator Customer's subscriber database Customer's subscriber database
Type of sending Scheduled Real time mode messaging Scheduled
Type of SMS Advertising and information Service SMS Advertising and information
Technical connection Bulk SMS platform SMS Gateway Bulk SMS platform
Reception date Request submission 3 working days in advance Real time mode messaging Schedule 3 working days in advance

Criteria that will be used in the profiled SMS service:

  • City, region
  • ARPU (only up to 30 AZN)
  • Mobile phone operating system
  • Mobile phone model
  • Roaming usage (country)
  • Roaming usage (yes/no)
  • Web page usage
  • Mobile Internet usage
  • Mobile application usage
  • Subscriber gender
  • Age of subscriber
  • Voice SMS users
  • E-SIM users
  • Certain Tariff users
  • ASAN Immza users
Contact us
Contact the support team by filling out the form below or by writing to the email address biznes-nar@azerfon.az
From Nar numbers777
From other mobile operators012 444 0 777
Write usbiznes-nar@azerfon.az