Make a call from your own region at a price of 1 gepiks per minute!
Having connected to “Yerlim” tariff you will make a call from your own region to your family and friends, in short, all your countrymen at a price of 1 gepik per minute!
  • Prices

    Calls made by you within “Yerlim” tariff to all your friends in your region amount to1 gepik per minute. You may find other prices of this tariff in the following schedule:

    Service Price (AZN)
    Call minute made to Nar subscribers who live in your region 0.01
    Call minute made to other operators’ subscribers who live in your region 0.04
    Call minute made to any operator from the city of Baku and Absheron peninsula 0.06
    All-net SMS 0.04
    Internet (1 MB) 0.29
  • Notes
    • These prices are not related to calls made to the short numbers.
    • Calls calculating interval constitutes 60 seconds.
    • Internet calculating interval is 40 kb.
    • There is no daily subscription fee to use national tariff. 
    • To check the balance, dial *100#YES or write B and send SMS to 777. 0.01 AZN is deducted per each sent inquiry.
    • For getting information on bonuses, dial *777#20#YES or write I and send to 777. 
    • You can switch to Yerlim tariff via Nar+ app or via My Account

If you are Nar subscriber, you may:

  • Send SMS with text Yerlim to the short number 777;
  • Dial the code *777#303#YES in order to connect to the tariff.  
  • Log in to Nar+ app or to My Account

For getting information on tariff, dial *777#230#yes


New Nar subscribers who connected to "Yerlim" tariff are gifted balance in the amount of 2 AZN within this tariff. This amount can be used for all countrywide calls and SMS services. 

If you are other operator’s subscriber, you may benefit from this tariff

  • Buying from Nar stores number of corresponding tariff;
  • Porting your number to Nar.