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Make a call from regions just for 1 gepik per minute!

On “Yerlim” tariff you will make a call from regions to Nar users, at a price of 1 gepik per minute!

  • Prices
    Service Price (AZN)
    Call minute made to Nar subscribers from regions 0.01
    Call minute made to other operators’ subscribers from regions 0.04
    Call minute made to any operator from Baku and Absheron peninsula 0.06
    All-net SMS 0.04
    Internet (1 MB) 0.29

    VAT included.

  • Notes

    Calculation interval:

    • Calculation interval of calls is 60 seconds.
    • Internet calculation interval is 40 kb.


    • Prices don’t apply to calls to short numbers.
    • If new Nar number will be activated on Yerlim tariff, you will get 2 AZN as a gift. This amount can be used for all-net calls and SMS.
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