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The price of all-net calls is 4 gepiks!

“Unique” tariff enables you to make all-net calls at the same and affordable price. There are no additional conditions and subscription fee. Simply connect and make all-net calls at the price of 4 gepiks.

Note: From April 18, 2022, the calculation interval for each minute of calls made on Unique tariff will be 60 seconds.

  • Prices



    All-net minute 0.04
    All-net SMS  0.04
    Internet (1 MB) 0.29

    VAT included.

  • Notes

    Calculation interval:

    • Calculation interval for calls is 60 seconds.
    • Internet calculation interval is 64 kb.


    • Prices don’t apply to calls to short numbers.
    • If new Nar number will be activated on Unique tariff, you will get 2 AZN as a gift. This amount can be used for all-net calls and SMS.
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