“Super 0”

Pay little amount for connection and first 3 minutes for all domestic calls will not be charge!
Having connected to “Super0” tariff you will pay totally 7 gepiks and talk first three minutes both to Nar subscribers and other operators’ subscribers, as well as make a call to the city numbers free of charge.
  • Prices

    We offer following prices for calls, messages and data services within “Super 0" tariff:

    Service Price (AZN)
    First 3 minutes of all-net calls 0
    All-net SMS 0.06
    Internet (1 MB) 0.29

    Note: These prices are not related to calls made to the short numbers. 

    During the first activation of number, “Weather forecast” service will be also activated automatically. The first 15 days of usage of "Weather forecast" service is free of charge and after expiration of this period daily service fee will be 0.09 AZN. To deactivate “Weather forecast” service send STOP to 5553. Numbers activated before 12.09.2019, to terminate the service, should send STOP keyword to 5550. 
  • Notes
    • New Nar subscribers who connected to "Super 0" tariff are gifted balance in the amount of 2 AZN within this tariff. This amount can be used for all countrywide calls and SMS services. 

    • Connection fee for within the country voice and video calls is 7 gepiks. During within country calls, the price of call made for each following minute beginning from fourth minute constitutes 6 gepiks.
    • Having connected to this tariff you are able to make a call to your two Favorite Nar numbers at a discount of 50%. When you call to your favorite numbers, the first three minutes will cost 7 gepiks, but starting from the fourth minute the price will be calculated according to 3 gepiks tariff.
    • Internet calculating interval within “Super 0” tariff is 40 kb.
    • Calls calculating interval constitutes 60 seconds.
    • To check the balance, dial *100#YES or write B and send SMS to 777. 0.01 AZN is deducted per each sent inquiry.
    • For getting information on bonuses, dial *777#20#YES or write I and send to 777
    • You can switch to Super 0 tariff via Nar+ app or via My Account

You may choose one of the following methods for connection to “Super 0” tariff: You may:

For getting information on tariff, dial *777#230#yes

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