Sevimli nomre
Sevimli nomre

Favourite number

Talk to your two near friends with a 50% discount!
Add the number of your two near friends who are Nar subscribers to "Favourite number" campaign and talk to them at a half-price! 
  • Notes
    • If you have not enough money in your account, the subscriber fee is collected and in case of balance increase it is deducted from your balance (including balance increase which is provided through Nar Kredit and Mobile Transfer services).
    • Collected due amount is not transferred to the next month.
    • Sevimli nömrələr can be activated within “Danışır Bakı”, “Yerlim”, “Salam”, “Unikal”, “Saniyə”, “Ölkəm”,“0”, “Bumeranq”, "3-ü 1-də aylıq",“Sevimli Şəbəkə”, "Super 0" and “3-u 1-de” tariffs. 
    • In case of any tariff change (other than “Unikal”, “Saniyə”, “0”, “Bumeranq”, “Super 0”), service is terminated. 
    • In case of one number deletion, the other one is automatically deleted and service is terminated.
    • Service is inactive during roaming.
    • Payment for each message sent to the number 777 is deducted within current tariff. 
  • Price
    Offer Price
    Adding favourite number*  0.40 AZN      
    Changing the favourite number (for each number) 0.40 AZN
    Daily fee for this offer (for both numbers) 0.01 AZN

    *While activating the first number, the next number is getting activated for free.


You may perform following operations in connection with “sevimli nömrələr” tariff:

In order to add “sevimli nömrələr” tariff:

  • Dial the code *777#31#070/077 number#yes
  • Send message with text 070/077 number to 777.

In order to change sevimli nömrə:

  • Dial the code *777#32#070/077 current number *070/077 new number#yes 
  • Send message with text 070/077 current number *070/077 new number to the short number 777

To look through the list of sevimli nömrə:

  • Dial the code *777#34#yes 
  • Send message with text “!” to the short number 777

To delete “sevimli nömrə”:

Instructions to use service:

  • Dial the code *777#35#yes 
  • Send message with text “?” to the short number 777
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