We continue to renovate our sales and service centers! In order to provide you perfect customer experience and maximum comfort. Now, sales and services in one space, in the new Nar stores.

In the framework of the Wave of Refreshment campaign, our subscribers will enjoy a wave of presents!


Do not miss the chance to win valuable prizes by playing games, participating in the contests presented during Wave of Refreshment. And if you haven’t won in these contests, your chances of winning a prize still remain! Because each participant of these contests will be given a special unique code, and with this code can participate in the online lottery and have a chance to win iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch, Apple Airpods Pro and 200 AZN vaucher to  electronics store.


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It is great time to refresh your accessories with Wave of Refreshments as well! Up to 50% discount will be applied to all accessories in refreshed Nar stores from 12.04.2021 to 22.04.2021. You can find the list of refreshed stores and their addresses in the search section below.



Real wave of refreshment!

Updated sales and service centers​