• Bonuses are provided absolutely for free.
  • The campaign is only valid for subscribers with prepaid tariffs.
  • In order to participate in the campaign both numbers (e.g bonus sender’s and bonus recipient’s) must be active.
  • 100 minutes can be used only for on-net calls.
  • 100 SMS can be sent to all-net number.
  • 1 number can send gift only once during the whole campaign.
  • 1 number can receive unlimited gifts.
  • The campaign will be valid 24.12.2021 – 29.12.2021.
  • Bonuses can be used within 5 days of receipt.
  • If there are SMS bonuses on the balance, the SMS gift bonuses will be used first.
  • Minute bonuses will be spent according to their validity period, bonuses with a shorter validity period will be spent first.
  • Number should be dialed as shown below:

(70/77/50/51/55) 70XXXXXXX

To check the bonuses:

“New year with miracles!” campaign.

New Year is a festival of miracles. You can become a part of it!

Just choose the gift you want to send and make your loved one happy.

Gift type SMS Code
100 minutes Send friend’s number to 780 *780#number#YES
100 SMS Send friend’s number to 760 *760#number#YES