• The package is available to subscribers of prepaid tariff plans.
  • If activation is carried out via SMS, an amount equal to the price of 1 SMS will be removed from the balance. After receiving activation SMS, power off the phone and restart it.
  • To check the balance of Internet traffic, you need
  • The validity period of the "Daily 59 kopeks" package ends at 23: 59: 59 on the day of activation of the package, and unused bonuses of the package are removed.
  • If there is sufficient amount in the balance after expiry of the validity period of “Daily 59 kopeks” package the same package will be automatically activated.
  • If there isn’t sufficient amount in the balance, “Daily 59 kopeks” will be automatically activated when money is transferred to the balance.
  • For stopping automatic activation of the campaign
    • Send “STOP12” to 777 via SMS
    • Dial *777#012#YES
    • Use personal cabinet
  • “Daily 59 kopeks” package is not available for roaming.
  • When the minutes and Internet bonuses of the “Daily 59 kopeks” end, calculation will be carried out in accordance with the tariff currently subscribed by the number.
  • When “Daily 10 kopeks” package or any of the Unlimited Internet packages is active in the number, subscription to the “Daily 59 kopeks” or vice versa is not possible.
  • If “Daily 10 kopeks” Internet package and subscription to the “Daily 59 kopeks” are active in the subscriber’s number, initially, the bonuses of the “Daily 10 kopeks” package will be used.
  • Calculation interval lasts 60 seconds.
  • Calculation interval on the Internet is 64 KB for each additional MB. 
  • When traffic is used calculation will be done based on the rules of last ordered package.
Get minutes for all-net calls, MBs every day and keep mobile expenses under your control!

Get 25 minutes for all-net calls and 100 MB Internet traffic for only 59 gepiks by benefiting from “Daily 59 gepiks” package every day

You can make calls to all territories of Azerbaijan and benefit from mobile Internet only for 59 gepiks.

“Daily 59 gepiks” package includes minutes for all-net calls and Internet traffic. 


*It will not be possible to join Daily 59 gepiks package from 31.05.2019.

Incoming traffic Activation methods Package price
SMS Сode
25 all-net minutes & 100 MB  
Dial gunluk59, send to 777 *777#59#YES
0.59 AZN