Daily 20 gepiks
*It will not be possible to activate Daily 20 gepiks pack from 03.12.2019.
Validity period
1 day
Included traffic
60 MB
WhatsApp is Free
*VAT included

To check the balance of Daily internet pack:


  • The validity period of the Daily 20 gepiks pack will expire on the day of its activation at 23: 59: 59.  In this case, unused internet traffic  will be reset and in case of sufficient funds the pack will be reactivated;
  • Ordering of Daily 20 gepiks pack during the day is unlimited. If you order Daily 20 gepiks pack still having remaining traffic on your current internet pack, internet traffic of two packs will be accumulated;
  • In case of insufficient funds, the automatic reactivation of the last ordered Daily 20 gepiks pack will be postponed till sufficient funds;
  • Calculation interval is 40 kb.
  • When the traffic of Daily pack is used up, you will be charged in accordance with current tariff;
  • This pack is not available for commercial purposes and is intended only for personal use.

In order to refuse the automatic activation of Daily internet pack:

If the pack is deactivated via SMS, 1 SMS fee will be charged in accordance with the terms of the tariff.


Get daily 60 MB internet for only 20 gepiks per day.

Included traffic Activation methods Pack price
SMS Code
60 MB Send G10 to 777 *777#12#YES 0.20 AZN
Frequently Asked Questions
How to check balance?
  • Dial code one of the following codes: *777#YES, *100#YES*777#10#YES; The request fee is 0.05 AZN.
  • Send to 777 via SMS ( 1 SMS fee will be charged from your balance);
  • Via Nar+ app.
How to top up the balance?
  • Get Nar card and dial *777#11# {Nar Card code}#YES;
  • Via online methods: with Nar+ app and bank cards;
  • Choose Nar+ logo on payment terminals, then enter number and amount;
  • Go to Nar centers, banks and post offices.
How can I check my current tariff?