Starting from 13.02.2018 activation and switch to "0" tariff plan is closed.
First 3 minutes of on-net calls
minutes of off-net calls
all-net SMS
Internet (1 MB)
*ƏDV daxildir

We offer following prices for calls, messages and data services within “0” tariff:

Service Price (AZN)
First 3 minutes of on-net calls 0
minutes of off-net calls 0.07
all-net SMS 0.06
Internet (1 MB) 0.29

Note: These prices are not related to calls made to the short numbers. 


Communication with “0” tariff will be more comfortable! Thus, having paid totally 5 gepiks you will talk first three minutes of calls to all Nar subscribers without no charge!

  • Connection fee for on-net calls is 5 gepiks. During on-net calls, the price of call made for each following minute beginning from fourth minute constitutes 5 gepiks.
  • Having connected to this tariff you are able to make a call to your two Favorite Nar numbers at a discount of 50%. When you call to your favorite numbers, the first three minutes will cost 5 gepiks, but starting from the fourth minute the price will be calculated according to 2.5 gepiks tariff.
  • Internet calculating interval within “0” tariff is 64 kb.

  • Calls calculating interval constitutes 60 seconds.
  • To check the balance, dial *100#YES or write B and send SMS to 777. 0.01 AZN is deducted per each sent inquiry.
  • For getting information on bonuses, dial *777#20#YES or write I and send to 777
Frequently Asked Questions
How to check balance?
  • Dial code one of the following codes: *777#YES, *100#YES*777#10#YES; The request fee is 0.05 AZN.
  • Send to 777 via SMS ( 1 SMS fee will be charged from your balance);
  • Via Nar+ app.
How to top up the balance?
  • Get Nar card and dial *777#11# {Nar Card code}#YES;
  • Via online methods: with Nar+ app and bank cards;
  • Choose Nar+ logo on payment terminals, then enter number and amount;
  • Go to Nar centers, banks and post offices.
How can I check my current tariff?