Nar MiFi

4G internet always with you!

Regardless of your location you will always be online and can share internet with your friends.

The small size and lightness of the Nar MiFi allows you to easily take it where you want.

Buy Nar MiFi device and get Nar data number and 30 GB internet for 6 months for free*

  • Prices
    Name of device

    Price of device

    Price of internet package*

    Included traffic

    Usage date

    Nar MiFi 120 AZN 20 AZN 30 GB 30 days

    *Price you pay for internet package after expiration of gifted monthly 30 GB for 6 months

  • Instruction

    It is very simple to install Nar MiFi device:

    1. Insert Sim card and battery

    2. Connect the device to the power source if needed

    3. Turn on the device

    4. You may need to enter the default SSID and password (encryption key) printed on the back side of device lid

    5. Log in to internet
    Go to link and open control panel to change settings and activate Wi-Fi distribution function for up to 9 users. Standard username: admin; password: admin.
    Moreover, you can change user name and password via mentioned link

  • Notes
    • Nar MiFi allows you to use high-speed internet wherever there is Nar 3G or 4G-LTE coverage.
    • The calculation interval for Internet within the package is 40 kB.
    • You can buy package or top-up your balance on Econtrol.nar.az
    • *Usage period of package is 30 days, but you can get 30 GB 6 times for free instead of 6 months
    • After 6 months you can buy package on Econtrol.nar.az

You can approach Nar Sales and service centers or dealer stores to get the Nar MiFi.

Nar Sales and Services centers and dealer stores
City Address
Baku G.Garayev ave. 29
Baku M.Ajemi, M.Jafarov 3005
Baku Tebriz ave. 95
Baku Azadliq ave. 100
Baku G.Garayev ave. 62
Baku T.Aliyarbekov 9
Baku Bilajari d, A.Zeynalli str
Baku Bakikhanov dist, M.Fataliyev 40
Baku G.Garayev ave. 74
Baku Badalbayli str., 106/12
Baku Cavadkhan str. 1, fl. 76
Baku Bul-bul 24
Baku Azadlıg ave. 18 
Baku 28 May str. 62
Baku Zargarpalan 133
Baku 2 mkr. H.B. Aliyev str. 4
Baku M.Hadi str.23/24
Baku Azadlıg 23
Baku Fizuli 73
Baku B. Vahabzada 19
Ganja Ataturk ave. 261
Ganja H. Aliyev ave. 52/12
Ganja H.Aliyev-Ataturk ave.
Khachmaz N.Narimanov str.
Khirdalan H.Aliyev str. 1A
Gakh H.Aliyev
Guba H.Aliyev ave
Gusar Bazar district
Sumgayit 2 mkr. Sulh str. (Ulduz)
Sumgayit 2 mkr. Sulh str.
Shamkir 20 january str. (Rahimov)
Zagatala A.Aslanov 57 (Z.Amirov)