Unlimited Internet packages

Uninterrupted and free Internet, even after using all the megabytes!
Because WhatsApp text messaging is free for Unlimited internet packages.

Choose your Unlimited Internet package, and enjoy up to 150 MB/s data speed on your mobile phone or computer.  And even if all traffic is used, you can still continue using data for free till the end of your package's validity period according to “fair usage policy”.  Additionally, in heavy packages such as XL, 2XL and 3XL – the Internet is free and unlimited at nights.

As of 14.07.2017, you will be able to order new Unlimited Internet package even if there is remaining traffic on your current Unlimited Internet package. In this case, data traffic of two packages will be accumulated and each traffic quota will be valid till its expiration date. After the expiration of active packages, only last ordered package will be reactivated.

Free WhatsApp (only text messaging) for Unlimited internet package starting from 07.05.2018

  • Turbo button

    With Turbo button you can restore full speed of internet without waiting for your current Unlimited Internet package expiration.

    Turbo button Included traffic Activation methods Price (AZN)
    SMS Code
    Turbo button 50* (XS/S/M/L) 50 MB Dial Turbo 50, send to 777 *777#050#YES 0.5
    Turbo button 500** (L+/XL/2XL/3XL) 500 MB Dial Turbo 500, send to 777 *777#0500#YES 1.0
  • Notes
    • These packages are available for both Voice and Data tariff users;
    • 1 GB = 1000 MB;
    • Unlimited Night Internet can be used in the period 00:00 - 7:59. During this period, the Internet traffic is high speed and these megabytes are not deducted from daily quota. ;
    • You can recover the full speed of the internet in a following way:
      • Waiting till the end of validity period of chosen package, when it will be automatically reactivated  or by reactivating the package by dialing *777#7#YES or  sending 7  to 777 by SMS Ordering new Unlimited Internet package.
      • Using "Turbo button".
    • If you activate internet by SMS you will be charged for the price of 1 SMS.
    • If it is recorded that abuse the provided services by the subscriber leads to a decline in the quality of service for other   subscribers,  Nar reserves the right to limit the service for that subscriber’s number. 
    • This service is not available for commercial purposes and is intended only for personal use. 
    • After using the traffic in all the packages, Internet is unlimited and free (maximum speed is 64 kb /s). This also applies to heavy packages (XL, 2XL and 3XL) day and night traffic. 
    • If you have active heavy Unlimited Internet package with unlimited night traffic and would like to order low-volume Unlimited Internet package, the night traffic in the initial Unlimited Internet package will be nullified.
    • To get information about unlimited internet packages send “Internet” to 777.”
    • In order to refuse the automatic activation of Unlimited Internet package you can choose one of the following
    • In case of activation through handset, switch the internet off and then on after receiving notification on package activation.
    • After receiving notification about activation of the internet package on your mobile device, switching the internet off and then on.
    • All prices are VAT inclusive. 
    • Current users of Unlimited Internet package can use free WhatsApp after reactivation of current internet package.
    • Turbo 50 button is available only on XS/S/M/L internet packages.
    • Turbo 500 button is available only on L+/XL/XXL/XXXL internet packages.
    • Turbo button is valid till the date of expiration of current Unlimited Internet package.
Package name

Included traffic

Activation methods Validity period Package price
SMS Code
XS  60 MB Dial XS, send to 777 *777#01#YES 15 days 1 AZN
S  200 MB Dial S, send to 777 *777#02#YES 20 days 2 AZN
M  600 MB Dial M, send to 777 *777#03#YES 30 days 3 AZN​
L  1.5 GB Dial L, send to 777 *777#04#YES 30 days 6 AZN​
L+  5 GB Dial L+, send to 777 *777#045#YES 30 days 9 AZN​
XL  7 GB + Unlimited
Night Internet
Dial XL, send to 777 *777#05#YES 30 days 13 AZN
2XL 20 GB + Unlimited
Night Internet
Dial 2XL, send to 777 *777#06#YES 30 days 25 AZN
3XL  40 GB + Unlimited
Night Internet
Dial 3XL, send to 777 *777#07#YES 30 days 35 AZN
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the advantages of the Unlimited Internet packages?

    With expanded Unlimited Internet packages portfolio,  you can use mobile data  at affordable price

    • Now, all the Unlimited Internet packages are unlimited.
    • You can continue using free mobile data at low speed till the expiration of package validity period, even after package quota is finished
    • According to "Fair usage policy”, the maximum speed that can be reached after the quota is finished is 64 Kb/second. 
    • As long as you have daily traffic (peak hours: 08:00 – 23:59), in XL, 2XL and 3XL packages, you can use unlimited  free night traffic at  maximum speed  (off-peak hours: 00: 00-07: 59).
    • Free WhatsApp (only text messaging) for Unlimited Internet packages starting from 07.05.2018.
  • How I can check the balance in my Internet package?

    You can do it in several ways:

  • How is it possible to refuse the automatic activation of Unlimited Internet packages?

    To refuse the automatic activation of Unlimited Internet package, write STOP  and send it to 777 by SMS or dial only *777#0#YES . However, when you order  Internet package next time, this service will be activated again.