Danışır Bakı
Danışır Bakı

Baku calling

Dear resident of Baku, connect to “Baku calling" and talk to the whole Azerbaijan at the price of 3 gepiks!
If you are resident of Baku, you will be able to talk with “Baku calling" tariff in all domestic destinations at the price of 3 gepiks. Moreover, you will receive 300 MB and 300 SMS per month and all these will cost totally 3 AZN per month. 
  • Prices

    We offer following prices for calls, messages and data services within “Baku calling" tariff:


    Price (AZN)

    Monthly subscription fee


    All-net minute (if subscription fee is paid)  0.03
    All-net minute (if subscription fee is not paid) 0.04
    All-net SMS (if subscription fee is paid) 0.03
    All-net SMS (if subscription fee is not paid) 0.04
    Internet (1MB) 0.29

    Note: These prices are not related to calls made to the short numbers.

  • Notes
    • New Nar subscribers who connected to “Baku calling" tariff are gifted balance in the amount of 2 AZN within this tariff. This amount can be used for all countrywide calls and SMS  services. 
    • Gifted amount cannot be used for the following services:
      • To order services with subscription fee
      • For Mobile Transfer, Micro Credit, On Air and Premium services
      • For transfer to another tariff
    • Gifted amount is active within 30 days since this amount has been connected to the tariff.
    • Calls calculating interval constitutes 30 seconds.
    • Duration period of SMS and Internet traffic within “Baku calling” tariff is 30 days. 
    • Subscribers connected to the tariff are able to use “Favourite number” service.
    • The *777#56#YES or *777#20#YES codes should be dialed to check remaining bonus.
    • Bonuses can be checked via Nar+ app or via My Account
    • After the completion of 30 days bonuses of “Baku calling” tariff plan will be automatically deleted.
    • If you have quite enough money in your account per each month, subscription fee in the amount of 3 AZN will be deducted from your balance. Afterwards you will have a chance to talk at the price of 3 gepiks for 300 SMS, 300 MB data tariff including all destinations within 30 days.
    • In case you don’t have minimum 3 AZN in your account, SMS and data traffic bonuses within tariff will not be activated and minute of the call to all destinations will be calculated beginning from 4 gepiks.   
    • To check the balance, dial *100#YES or write B and send SMS to 777. 0.01 AZN is deducted per each sent inquiry.
    • The price of first 30 seconds is 0.02 AZN

    • You can switch to Baku Calling tariff via Nar+ app or via My Account


Having connected to “DanışırBakı” tariff you may choose one of the following methods:

For getting information on tariff, dial *777#230#yes

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