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Balance Transfer

Help your Nar friend who is in trouble!

Using "Balance Transfer" service you can transfer balance amounting to 0.2, 0.5, 1, or 2 AZN from your balance to any Nar subscriber’s balance.

  • Notes
    • You can transfer balance to the account of other party 10 times per day.
    • To use the "Balance Transfer" service, at least 3 AZN should be spent from the moment of activation of the number.  
    • The cost of transfer 1-5 times a day is 6 gepiks, and the cost for  6 - 10 times a day is 10 gepiks.
    • If insufficient funds on the balance of subscriber-sender, "Balance Transfer" cannot be executed.
    • To use the service it is not necessary to carry out the activation and make additional settings.
    • "Balance Transfer" service can be used by the pre-paid subscribers.
    • Upon completion of the transaction, the subscribers sending and accepting balance transfer are sent a notice confirming the top-up of  balance.
    • Only the subscribers being in active status can take advantage of balance transfer service.
    • The amount of the initial payment can not be transferred by "Balance Transfer ".
    • The amount transferred to the account of the subscriber using the tariff plan without subscription fee, does not impact on the period of payment.
    • If the number which balance is topped up while using "Balance Transfer " service is dialed wrongly, the amount written off from the balance will not be returned. Subscribers who are in roaming cannot transfer funds to other subscriber’s balance by using " Balance Transfer" service
  • Connection

    It is possible to transfer balance to other subscriber’s balance in 2 ways: 

    Via SMS:

    • For 0.2 AZN, send 070/077  subscriber’s number  #02 text to 790;
    • For 0.5 AZN, send  070/077 subscriber’s number  #05 text to 790;
    • For 1 AZN, send 070/077 subscriber’s number  #1 text to 790;
    • For 2 AZN, send 070/077 subscriber’s number  #2 text to 790

     Via USSD request:

    • For 0.2 AZN, dial  *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #02#YES
    • For 0.5 AZN, dial *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #05#YES
    • For 1 AZN, dual *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #1#YES
    • For 2 AZN, dial *790#070/077 subscriber’s number  #2#YES  

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