Azerfon MMC

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Nar subscribers will be provided with 70% discount on the premium version of the app.

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For connection:

1. Activate your subscription:

  • Send 7, F, or FW to 2212. After receiving the reply SMS, dial "1" and confirm the subscription. After sending the SMS, the service activation process will be completed.
  • Dial code *221#. After receiving the reply, dial "1" and confirm the subscription. After sending the reply, the service subscription process will be completed.

2. Go to the App Store/Play Store and download the app.

3. Login to the app and select "Authorize with cell phone number".

4. Select Azerbaijan in the list of countries and enter your cell phone number.

5. Enter the PIN code received from 2212

Note: It is important to choose the language in the beginning and later choose the country phone code before the entering mobile number.

  • Notes

    After 30 days of free use, the monthly subscription fee will be 5 AZN.

    To cancel your subscription:

    • Send STOP or StopFW to 2212
    • Dial *221#0#YES

    To get more information about the service:

    • Send INFO to 2212
    • Dial *221#2#YES

    To change the language, send En, Ru or Az respectively to 2212.

    SMS and USSD requests are free of charge.

    • The service is available for prepaid mobile numbers.
    • The date of charging the subscriber fee will be calculated by the date of joining the subscription