Bakı ve Abşeron
Bakı ve Abşeron

Nar TV - Baku & Absheron

Pay for TV only for the used days not monthly!

Wireless digital TV service provides the opportunity to watch local and foreign movies. In addition, regardless of the selected package, you pay for the service not monthly but only for watched days. Digital wireless TV service is provided with technical support of BBTV. BBTV is currently active on the territory of Baku, Sumgait and Absheron peninsula. For connecting to the service, there is no need to provide additional cables - it is enough to have a TV antenna on the territory that has access to the television tower or the transmitting station.

Due to partial payment, there is no need to pay for a whole month of using the service, it is enough to pay for the number of days used. Thus, you save payment for unused days

*Due to termination of agent contract between “Azerfon” LLC and “BBTV Communication” LLC  from 15.02.2020 all radio and tv services provided by “Azerfon” LLC as an agent  will be broadcast  directly by “BBTV Communication” LLC . Quantity of channels and price of package will not change.  You can proceed payment for BBTV service from below indicated payment portals and terminals:

  •          MilliÖn
  • TV packages

    With a wireless digital TV service, you can watch more than 100 channels. You are provided with 3 TV packages: Silver, Gold and 18+. A package with 18+ content can only be ordered by ordering a Silver or Gold package. In order to choose and order a package according to your needs, it's enough to go to the link.

  • Device

    In order to watch the selected channels, you need the STB device (TV tuner). The cost of the device is 50 AZN. But with a prepayment for 5 months for the selected TV package you get STB device (TV tuner) for free.

    If the device is lost, damaged or deformed, you can purchase the device again at the following prices:

    Device Price
    Smart – card 10 AZN
    Decoder remote 10 AZN
    Power unit   10 AZN
    STB (TV tuner)   10 AZN
  • Payment Methods

    Payment can be made through the terminals MilliÖn, EasyPay located in the city, through the web sites (GoldenPay),,, in all branches of Xalq Bank as well as ATMs working on AzeriCard - electronic payment system.

  • Additional services
    Type of Service Price
    Subscription fee for additional TV sets installed on one address  Free of charge
    Transition from one package to another Free of charge
    Technical support for the warranty period (2 times) Free of charge
    Fee for connecting additional TV at the address with the current decoder 10 AZN
    Express installation or ensuring / provision of technical service (within 1 day) 10 AZN
    Express installation or ensuring / provision of technical service (within 1 day) 20 AZN
    Transfer of equipment to another address 20 AZN
    Penalty for illegal transfer of equipment 30 AZN
    Diagnostics and troubleshooting in place (as part of the subscriber's responsibility) *  10 AZN

    Transfer STB (TV tuner) to another room 

    10 AZN
    Connection of the repaired STB (TV tuner) at the specified address  10 AZN
    Collection of channels (not including a new fee) 10 AZN
    Troubleshooting in AV mode 10 AZN
    Change of cable ** 10 AZN (service cost) + 0.50 AZN (per 1m cable) 
    Replacing the antenna *** 59 AZN

    * The cost takes into account the degree of distance of the location and complexity with the connection.

    ** You need to make a payment in the following cases:

     In case of damage of the cable in the responsible area (apartment / office / store, etc.)

     In case of laying cable at your request outside the premises (balcony, neighbouring building / facade)

     In case of laying cable at your request outside the premises (balcony, neighbouring building / facade) and its length is more than 50 meters

    *** Payment for the service is made according to the provision of a personal antenna or its replacement.

  • Support service

    In case of any questions or difficulties, please contact us. Our specially allocated subscriber support line is ready to answer all your questions. It is sufficient to:

    • Call 0124440444 or 1827. Calls from Nar numbers are free of charge. Calls from the users of other operators and landline numbers will be charged due to tariff.