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Tətil paketi
Tətil paketi

Vacation package

From 10.12.2018 transfer to “Vacation package” tariff  is closed.

While being abroad in order to feel yourself like at home, we have made internet packages in roaming more affordable for you. So, there will be no need to search for Wi-Fi while travelling. Before traveling just order one of our “Holiday” packages and travel more efficiently with Nar İnternet!

*From 10.12.2018 Vacation bundle is closed.

Internet in roaming consists of two packages:

Package name Traffic  How to connect Price Price for 1 MB traffic 
Holiday 2 200 MB *777#102#YES 2 AZN  0.01 AZN
Holiday 5 600 MB *777#105#YES 5 AZN 0.008 AZN
  • Countries:

    It is possible to use internet packages in the below-mentioned countries and operators:

    Country Operator
    USA AT&T, T-Mobile
    Georgia VEON, Mobitel, Beeline
    Turkey Turkcell
    Iran MCI
    Israel Pelephone
    Kazakhstan Beeline, Kartel
    Kyrgyzstan Sky, Beeline
    Uzbekistan Unitel, Beeline
    Russia Beeline, Vympelcom
    Tajikistan Beeline TJ, Tacom
    Ukraine  Kyivstar, Beeline
  • Notes
    • Charging interval in packages is 40 Kb 
    • Period for using packages is 15 days
    • Both post-paid and prepaid subscribers can benefit from these internet packages. 
    • The offer is considered for Nar data numbers as well
    • Subscribers may order any number of packages. Thus, use of internet traffic is charged due to the date of the last ordered package. 
    • The expiration period of packages is at the end of the 15th day since the day of their activation at 23:59:59. The unused internet traffic is deleted from the balance after 15 days. 
    • If another package is ordered while there is an active internet package in the balance, the first ordered package will be spent in advance.
    • When Internet traffic within the package is finished and there are enough money funds in the balance, the current package will not be activated again and it will be charged as per roaming prices. In order to activate the package again, the relevant connection code should be dialled. 
    • When Internet traffic within the package is finished and there are not enough money funds in the balance, reorder of package will be suspended. In order to activate the package again, it is necessary to increase the balance and dial the activation code of the ordered package. 
    • In order to check internet balance inside the package, dial *777#20#YES code.
    • To get information about the campaign send "Tetil" via sms to 777 .