To check the balance of “TƏHSIL+” internet pack:



  • “TƏHSIL+” pack is available for use only with “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, web browser).
  • It is recommended to use “TƏHSİL+” internet pack together with other internet packs, as it is intended only for “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” usage. For more information about our internet packs:

  • Pack is available for subscribers of prepaid and postpaid tariffs.
  • In case of migration between allowed tariffs existing “TƏHSIL+” internet pack bonuses remain on your balance.
  • Pack will be automatically renewed after the validity period.
  • Within the “TƏHSIL+” internet pack there is no any speed limitations.
  • File transfer in “Microsoft Teams” application is not covered by “TƏHSIL+” internet pack.
  • Pack can be used on other devices through a shared access point (hotspot).
  •  “TƏHSIL+” pack can be reordered before validity period ends.
  • Tariffication interval is 40 KB.
  • VAT included.


To stop the automatic updating pack:

The cost of 1 SMS will be charged from your balance, while SMS sending.


Connect to “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” applications with new  “TƏHSİL+” internet pack that brings comfort to your online learning!


Online education is more convenient now! With the “TƏHSIL+” internet pack, continue your studies during the period of social isolation more comfortable. You can use “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” with this pack on all available platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS) and on any web browser.


Pack name Included traffic Activation methods Validity period  Pack price
 SMS Code

 50 GB

"Zoom" and
"Microsoft Teams"

Send T+ to 777 *777#21#YES 30 DAYS 10 AZN

From 05.07.2021 ordering and reactivation of “TƏHSİL+” pack will not be possible. Subscribers with active “TƏHSİL+” internet pack, will be able to use it until the end of validity period of pack.