3 For You
Starting from 14.08.2018 transfer to "3 in 1 Monthly" tariff  is closed.
All-net minute*
All-net SMS
Internet (1 MB)
*VAT included

Calculation upon the expiration of the provided minutes, SMS and Internet traffic is conducted as per the following table:

Service Price (AZN)
All-net Minutes  0.05 
All-net SMS  0.03 
Internet (1MB)   0.05 

Upon expiration of 30 days, if you have sufficient amount in your balance, the bonuses will be automatically renewed. If you don’t have any amount in your balance, the tariff  will not be automatically renewed and  the amount per 1 call within the country will cost 6 gepiks, per 1 SMS within the country – 3 gepiks, and per 1MB Internet traffic – 29 gepiks. 

Note: These prices do not apply to the SMS.


Since the moment of connection to the tariff, the bonuses listed in the following table are provided and 9 AZN is deducted from your balance.

*From 14.12.2018 all active users of 3 in 1 monthly tariff will be migrated to FULL 9 package.

Bonus Amount
All-net minutes 300
All-net SMS 300
Internet 900 MB
  • New Nar subscribers who connected to "3in1 per month" tariff are gifted balance in the amount of 2 AZN within this tariff. This amount can be used for all countrywide calls and SMS services. 

  • Term of use of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic within the tariff "3in1 per month" is 30 days;
  • Subscribers who use the rate can also connect to "Favourite number" service;
  • To check the balance of bonuses dial *777#62#YES or *777#20#YES;
  • Upon 30 days, the bonuses of “3in1 per month” rate plan will be automatically deleted;
  • Reordering minutes, SMS and Internet is possible if there is sufficient funds on the balance
  • To reorder subscription fee before expiring 30 days you can dial *777#64#YES. After additional reorder of bundle all current minutes, SMS and mobile internet are deducted from balance;
  • If there is the amount to pay subscription fee amounting 9 AZN in the balance after 00: 00 on the 31st calendar day, the subscription fee is written off from the balance and the subscriber gets the minutes in the package, SMS and data traffic for next 30 days.
  • If there is not  any amount to pay subscription fee of  9 AZN in the balance after  00: 00 on the 31st calendar day, it means that the subscriber does not get bonus minutes, SMS and data package. In such case, the subscriber continues to use the accrued bonuses till the end of the existing bonus term. If the subscriber attempts to check the bonus balance during this term, he/she can not  receive the relevant message;
  • When the required subscription fee is deducted from the balance, the user will get the minutes, SMS and data traffic within the rate;
  • Calculation interval for Internet within the rate is 40 kb.
  • Calculation interval for the calls is 60 seconds.
  • To check the balance, dial *100#YES or write B and send SMS to 777. 0.01 AZN is deducted per each sent inquiry.
  • Starting from 14.08.2018 transfer and activation to "3 in 1 Monthly" tariff was disabled.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to check balance?
  • Dial code one of the following codes: *777#YES, *100#YES*777#10#YES; The request fee is 0.05 AZN.
  • Send to 777 via SMS ( 1 SMS fee will be charged from your balance);
  • Via Nar+ app.
How to top up the balance?
  • Get Nar card and dial *777#11# {Nar Card code}#YES;
  • Via online methods: with Nar+ app and bank cards;
  • Choose Nar+ logo on payment terminals, then enter number and amount;
  • Go to Nar centers, banks and post offices.
How can I check my current tariff?