Nar TV - Nakhchivan

Connect now and enjoy digital TV quality!

-Nar Home package includes both local and international TV channels. You need just a TV tuner in order to enjoy various interesting TV channels.
By subscribing to this service you are getting rid of complicated devices, difficult menu, search for the master and waste of time.

Tariff Monthly subscription fee
Standard 10 AZN

Special offer!

  • For all new subscribers a TV tuner is for free!

For detailed information please сall 0124440444 or 1827. Calls from Nar numbers are free of charge. Calls from the users of other operators and landline numbers will be charged due to tariff.


  • Campaign is active till 30.09.2018
  • The price of stand-alone Nar Home tuner is 25 AZN
  • The change of the tuner for current subscribers is free.
  • TV channels
    Together with Nar Home you can watch totally 66 the most interesting channels in Azerbaijani, English, Turkish and Russian, on digital TV. 
    Sport Cinema Social Turkish Educational Mixed
    Футбол  Киномикс Naxçıvan TV TRT Çocuk National Geographic Euronews
    Футбол  Fox Life AzTV ATV Türk Animal Planet НТВ
    Футбол 3 Киносемья İctimai Star TV NatGeoWild Россия 1
    Наш футбол Еврокино Lider TV TMB DTX Мир
    Матч! Кинохит Kanal 35 Kanal 7 Discovery Science Мир 24
    Eurosport 1 Мужское кино Space TV TRT 1 Охота и Рыбалка ТНТ
    Боец Индия ТВ ARB Gunesh TV 8 Бобёр Первый канал
    CBC Sport TV 3 Azad Azərbaycan Kral Pop Discovery Channel Пятница!
    Авто плюс Киносвидание Xəzər TV Show TV Карусель Россия 24
    TRT spor КИНОПРЕМЬЕРА CBC Kanal D Моя планета РЕН ТВ
    Mədəniyyət TV TRT Belgesel Звезда
    İdman Azərbaycan
    Naxçıvan TV HD
    ARB Ulduz
  • Payment Methods
    Payment can be made through the terminals MilliÖn, EasyPay located in the city, through the web sites (GoldenPay),,, in all branches of Xalq Bank as well as ATMs working on AzeriCard - electronic payment system.