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Nar TV - mobile application

Enjoy your favorite TV shows and selected movies on your smartphone or tablet anytime wherever you are!

Whoever you are – an early bird or a late sleeper, a bunch of ardent football fans or a mom of 5 mischievous kids, a film freak watching the latest blockbusters or a businessman spending half of your life in traffic jams and at the airports – Nar TV is a real catch for you.


Now you can also watch movies, cartoons, and TV series provided. You just need to update your app via Google Play (Android™) or App Store (iOS). Moreover, first time users will get a one month free trial.



Wide range of movies.

With Nar TV you get wide range of movies. Moreover, you can watch selected movies in Azerbaijani language.


Ease of access to favorite channels.

This lets you to customize your channels by choosing your favorite or most watched channels.

Watch instantly. Watch later. Never miss your favorite shows.

TV Guide lets you check program schedule and scroll back for up to 12 hours to watch the content that you may have missed.

Control what your kids watch.

Parental Control lets you restrict specific channels with a PIN code.

In-app subscription management.  

It allows you to control your subscription via the app.

The mobile package includes:

  • 1 person access on a mobile device
  • 100 Premium Live TV channels (15 HD and 85 SD)*
  • Wide range of movies.** Moreover, a large selection of movies dubbed in Azerbaijani language
  • Price

    Upon initial registration you will receive a one month free trial with access to all premium channels and wide range of movies. After the expiration of the one month free trial you will be automatically charged for the monthly subscription.

    Package Monthly subscription fee
    Mobile package 3 AZN*

    *All costs include 18% VAT.

  • Subscription management
    • Users can manage their subscription by accessing Account menu through the App.
    • Users can see the current package they are subscribed to, its price, what is included in the package, and expiration/next payment date by accessing Account menu through the App.
    • Users can Cancel the subscription by logging in to the App ->☰  -> Account -> Cancel
  • Notes
    • If you uninstall the app it will not stop the subscription, because charging of the subscription fee is done to the phone number provided during the registration.
    • Parental control PIN code can be set during first time usage.
    • *The service is provided in partnership with Uninet.
    • **The service is provided in partnership with Megogo.

You can download Nar TV app from Google Play(Android™) or App Store(iOS) by:

  • searching "Nar TV"
  • clicking one of the below icons


Minimum software requirements:

  • Android™: Android™ 4.4 and higher with 1GB RAM
  • iOS: iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 with current iOS (12x)

You can proceed with registration via Nar TV app by using Nar phone number and setting your own password. Then you need to confirm your registration by entering confirmation code that you receive via SMS.