Nar on board

Be free to use the Internet and call directly on board!
Call from your Nar number, send SMS on board! "Nar Air" service will provide you with a connection in AZAL Airbus, and in aircrafts of other airlines.
  • Nar Air

    You can continue using mobile communication services with your Nar number on board of Airbuses belonging to Azerbaijan Airlines. Call, send text messages, as well as read your e-mails, be aware of the latest news and check you social network accounts.

    Easy to use

    Ensure that your mobile phone is switched off during takeoff and landing and when “No phone” sign is on. Once the given sign is off, switch your mobile phone on, make sure it is not set to “flight” mode and wait for the Nar or 901 36 network signal to appear. If your device doesn’t automatically select the Nar network, refer to the network settings of your device.
    Do not forget to enter “+” followed by the country code and the phone number while calling and texting.


    You can get information about the rates via the following table:

    Service Price (AZN)
    A minute of outgoing calls  2
    A minute of incoming calls 2
    Outgoing SMS 0.5
    Incoming SMS 0
    MMS 2.6
    Internet per MB 9
  • On Air

    On Air allows you to use Nar number in the planes of other airline companies, too. Make calls, write SMSs and surf in in the Internet using your Nar number during the flight.

    The On Air service is available in the planes of the following airline companies:

    Aeroflot, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Cebu Pacific Air, Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad, Hong Kong Airlines, Iberia, Libyan Airlines, Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Saudia, Singapore Airlines, TAM Airlines, Thai Airways

    Service Price (AZN)
    A minute of outgoing calls  4
    A minute of incoming calls 2
    Outgoing SMS 1
    Internet per MB 10