Balansını kartla artır ENG mob Balansını kartla artır ENG

Purchase a card, dial the number and top up your balance! 

You can get Nar payment cards in price of  2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 AZN in any Nar centers or other malls and easily top up the balance by dialing the code. 

Validity period of payment:

Usage period Nar card amount
1 day 0.01-0.99 AZN
10 days 1 - 1.99 AZN
25 days 2.00 - 4.99 AZN
50 days 5.00-9.99 AZN
90 days 10.00 - 19.99 AZN
165 days 20.00 - 49.99 AZN
245 days 50 AZN or more
  • Notes
    • In case of entering wrong scratch card code for 6 times top up service will be disabled on your number.
    • When purchasing scratch card please check if card is sealed and the paint over scratch card code is not scratched.
  • To top up balance:

    To top up your balance dial:

    • *777#11# {Nar Card code}#YES.

    To top up other Nar subscriber’s balance dial:               

    •    *777#11#70/77{Subscriber’s phone number} # {Nar Card code} #YES.
    •  Nar Card can be loaded via Nar+ app or via My Account.