Azerfon MMC


MiFi+ package

 Connect to Internet regardless of where you are and share WiFi with your friends!

With "Nar 3G MiFi" kit you will always be online regardless of where you are and you will be able to share your traffic with your friends and loved ones.

Each kit includes:

  • Nar 3G MiFi modem
  • Nar data number
  • L + package with a capacity of 5 GB

The price of "Nar 3G MiFi" kit is 19 AZN.

 5 hours’ battery and USB port are used to charge the device.

When Nar Data number is connected to a modem, the device automatically connects to the Nar network and it can be used to provide both with individual connection and up to 5 people with personal mobile internet.

Maximum file download speed is 7.2 Mb/s, and the maximum transfer speed is 5.7 Mb/s. The L + package will renew every month automatically, if there is enough credit. Moreover, when L + ends, you can order any unlimited internet package.

  • Internet
    Name of Bundles Price of Bundles Incoming Traffic 
    XS 1 AZN 60 MB
     S 2 AZN 200 MB
     M 3 AZN 600 MB
     L 6 AZN 1500 MB
     L+ 9 AZN 5,000 MB
     XL 13 AZN 7,000 MB
     XXL 25 AZN 20 GB
    XXXL 35 AZN 40 GB
    • Night-time unlimited internet can be used from 00:00 to 07:59. This internet traffic is free and at high speed (till daytime traffic ends) and package megabytes are not used as it is apart from daytime traffic.
    • While the traffic of the packages ends internet is free and unlimited (Max. speed - 64 kb/s)
    • 1GB = 1,000 MB
For connection:
Key word sending to 777 Dial up password Usage period
+XS *777#01#YES 15 days
+S *777#02#YES 20 days
+M *777#03#YES 30 days
+L *777#04#YES 30 days
+L+ *777#045#YES 30 days
+XL *777#05#YES 30 days
+2XL *777#06#YES 30 days
+3XL *777#07#YES 30 days