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Nar subscribers will get 70% discount on using Lingokids app!

Lingokids is a mobile app that helps children learn English through games, as well as improving their communication and attention skills and developing their creativity.

LingoKids automatically adapts to the learning speed of each child. Through interactive activities, videos, songs and games of varying difficulty levels, children acquire a variety of knowledge through Playlearning™ technology.

Let your child learn while playing!

Enjoy LingoKids, one of the most exciting educational apps, after a 1-month free subscription for only 7.7 AZN per month.

  • For connection:

    1.Activate your subscription:

    • Send L, LK or Lingo to 9898. After receiving the reply SMS, dial 1 and confirm the subscription. After sending the SMS you will receive a special coupon code.
    • Dial code *989#. After receiving the reply, dial 1 and confirm the subscription. After sending the reply you will receive a special coupon code.

    2. Enter the coupon code at and register.

    3. Go to the App Store/Play Store and download the app.

    4. Open the app, log in to your account using username and password.

    Note: The validity period of 1 coupon code is 1 month, the coupon code is renewed with each renewal of the subscription, and the user receives a new coupon code only after successfully paying the monthly subscription fee.

  • Notes:

    The service is available for prepaid mobile numbers.

    After 30 days of free use, the monthly subscription fee will be 7.7 AZN.

    The date of charging the subscriber fee will be calculated by the date of joining the subscription.

    The coupon code you receive when you pay for your subscription is valid for 30 days. You can use coupon codes that renew each month for 30 days, regardless of the date your subscription is renewed.

    If a coupon code is renewed earlier than 30 days, use of the service will be calculated according to the expiration date of the last used coupon.

    To cancel your subscription:

    • Send STOP to 9898
    • Dial *989#0#YES

    To get more information about the service:

    • Send INFO to 9898
    • Dial *989#2#YES

    To change the language, send En, Ru or Az respectively to 9898.