Kiçik və orta biznes
Kiçik və orta biznes

Small and Medium Businesses

Benefit from our advantageous offers for small and medium businesses

We have new offerings for your small and medium businesses. Join us if you want to spend less money on daily expenses and receive special offers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What the advantages of Nar business offers?

    We provide organizations with high-quality and reliable communications at an affordable price and thus allow them to focus on their core business. You do not need complex calculations to understand the benefits. Our team is always ready to offer you ready-made solutions based on your individual requests and price preferences.

    And here are some of our main advantages that show the right choice for your business:

    • 80% coverage in Azerbaijan;
    • Calls and SMS at low tariff rates;
    • Advanced 3G and 4G technologies;
    • Customer Satisfaction Services;
    • GSM communication;
    • Premium numbers and discount systems;
    • Specialize 24-hour Support Service;
    • Special mobile services that allow calling, sending SMS and searching on Internet during the flight.
  • What offers are made by Nar for business?

    You can find our offers for business in the sections "Our Business Tariffs", “Our Products”, "Our solutions", and "Internet." In addition, at your request and desire, we can promptly prepare the inactive services.