• What is required to watch channels at a full quality?

    For watching the channels at a full quality it is required Nar Home equipment and TV supporting digital signal. 

  • What is the advantage of Nar Home Internet service?

    Nar Home is a new service allowing benefiting from broadband Internet via FTTB technology.

    Advantages of Nar Home service:

    • There is no need for modem
    • There is no need for phone line
    • Downloading and transmission of information with 20 Mbyte/sec speed
    • Unlimited use packages
    • Uninterrupted connection
    • First product with symmetric transferring ability (i.e. downloading and transmission of the information are done with the same speed)
    • Customer Service 24/7

    With Nar Home you can for a few minutes download a movie, watch online video at high quality, make video calls with high quality image, benefit from resources (movies, music, games), and use many other services.

  • What is FTTB technology?

    FTTB (Fibre To The Building) literally means "fibre to the building." In other words, the optical cable is laid directly from the network centre to our residential buildings, and then distributed to the apartments through Ethernet (by using special cable). This is the most reliable way to provide each apartment with Internet at 20/20 Mbyte / sec. speed.

    Unlike other methods of communication, fibre optic allows to use a single cable for various services on the Internet. This method of cabling is protected from the defects due electromagnetic or radio waves interference. Speed of the transmission does not depend on the factors such as weather conditions or the telephone line. Residents of the building connected to the optical cable can easily become FTTB users and there is no need for additional devices such as a modem.

    Internet provided by FTTB technology is characterized by the ability of symmetrical transmission that is, downloading and sending the information at the same speed which distinguishes this service from ADSL.
  • What conditions are provided for transferring from one tariff to another?

    You may change the connected tariff under the following conditions:

    • Transfer from the tariff with the less monthly subscription fee to the tariff with high payment is free.
    • Transfer from the tariff with high payment to the tariff with less payment makes 10 AZN.
    • Connection fee is not paid in the course of tariff change.
    • Customer should only pay the fee for tariff change and monthly subscription fee
  • How I can connect to Nar Home Internet services?

    It is possible to connect to Nar Home service by using the following 2 methods:

    • Calling (012) 444 0 444 to “Customer services” and passing registration; 
    • Sign a contract with the Nar Home sale specialist operating on the territory;

    If your residence address is within the coverage area of Nar Home service, the sale specialist operating on the relevant territory will contact you as soon as possible and Internet line will be laid within 3 working days upon the required documentation and payment.

  • What stages do the installation process have?

    Connection to the service is simple and has 3 stages:

    • Within 3 working days upon ensuring the required documentation and payment, technical team of Nar Home will connect you and appoint the day for installation.
    • The technical team will come to the address at the appointed time and agree some aspects with you (the place and area where the cable will pass is defined), and connect the line.
    • Finally, our technical team will check the quality and speed of the service and give certain recommendations. Upon signing the document on acceptance of the service, you can use Nar Home broadband Internet service.

    It is enough to insert “Ethernet” cable to the computer port to use Internet. If you want to spread Internet through Wi-Fi, you should to connect cable to the previously used Wi-Fi router.  You can use the routers of the following manufactures:

    • ZyXEL
    • TP-Link
    • D-Link
    • Linksys
    • ASUS
    • Netgear
    • TRENDnet
  • How to contact Nat Home customer service?

    All the proposals, requests, inquiries and desires can be provided to the “Customer Service Centre” through the following ways:

  • How can I check the speed of Internet?

    For checking the downloading and reduction speed of the information enter www.speedtest.net press  "Go" and wait the results of the test.  

  • In what territories it is possible to lay cable?
    At present, Nar Home service is provided in certain parts of Baku. We are planning to cover all the territory of Baku with our service in the near future.
  • Can I use my equipment to connect Internet?
    Yes, if you have  a device with WAN port, you can easily use your equipment.
  • What should I do for connection to the wireless connection (WiFi) at home?

    There are several methods to provide wireless connection to Internet network at home. First, it is required to provide correct installation by obtaining router. According to your request, you can obtain the router at any stores or our company. The routers (model TP-Link; TL-WR743ND) sold by our company are being installed mow and there is no need for additional installation, merely there will be WiFi network at your home by connecting Internet cable to it.
    According to the company’s employees, you can purchase freely TP- Link modems in the stores:

    • TL-WR741ND
    • TL-WR743ND

    You can set the modem purchased freely:

    • By entering  this section;
    • Install freely by approaching Nar Home office.
  • What additional services do you provide?

    You can find information on additional services on contract and repair works in the following table:

    Service Price
    Identifying and investigating the issue * 10 AZN
    Drilling concrete wall  10 AZN
    Drilling an ordinary wall (brick, plaster, etc.) 
    Installation of equipment  (only Internet connection equipment) 
    Changing RJ45
    Laying 1 meter cable at home  (including equipment costs) 0.6 ₼/m
    Changing the place of cables  10 AZN + 0.6 AZN*cable length  (meter)
    Laying additional cable **
    Changing the cable***
    Activation of RJ45 plug (additional works) 3 AZN/plug

    * If the issue occurs on the subscriber’s territory, and related to the quality of communication.

    **Paid :

    1. if the issue occurs on the subscriber’s territory (apartment/office/store, etc.);

    2. the cable is laid through additional room at request of the subscriber (balcony/neighbouring building/ building façade);

    3. the cable is damaged by 3rd party not connected to the Nar bilateral obligations.


    1. in case of fire in the smoke-duct/roof/other parts in the building not belonged to the subscriber/neighbours;

    2. In case of failure of the communication occurred due to defects in the course of the previous installation at home (in the assemblies/joints/place where the supplier’s device is connected/RG45 connection) and stated in the relevant statement signed by the subscriber. 

  • What is Nar Home TV?

    Nar Home digital TV is an European standard used in more than 150 countries of the world by using DVB-T2 (eng. Digital Video Broadcasting — Second Generation Terrestrial).

    Nar Home offers the opportunity in Nakhchivan to watch in general 67 national and international channels in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian languages. Simply purchase a receiver Nar Home DVB-T2.

    Since December 1, 2015 only 12 local TV channels included in Nar Home package can be watched for free. The rest of the channels will be  included in the paid package.

  • Upon connection and setting the equipment if it is impossible to watch channels, what steps should the subscriber take?
    • Зайти в Главное меню > Системные настройки > Другое;
    • Раздел Сила антенны перевести в состояние «Открыто»;
    • Запустить поиск каналов;
    При нажатии на кнопку возврата к заводским настройкам, следует повторить вышеописанные шаги. 
  • What advantageous do Nar Home have, compared with a simple TV?

    The following table provides the comparison between Analogue TV and DVB-T2 (Nar Home):

    Features Analog TV DVB-T2
    More TV channels None Exist
    Quality display None Exist
    HD channels None Exist
    Electronic program guide None Exist
    Interactive features None Exist
    Easy installation None Exist
    Without cable None Exist
    Receiving equipment Minimum Within the size

    As is obvious, DVB-T2 prevails Analogue TV.

  • What to do if any issue occurs in case of online payment?
    To check the inserted information once more, if it is correct, appeal to Customer Service. 
  • Where do Nar Home TV service exists?

    At present, Nar Home digital TV service is provided only in Nakhchivan. It is expected to provide  all the population of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with the high quality TV. 

  • If there is any failure in the equipment, what point should I address?
    You can address to Nar Sales and Service Centre or Nar Home Sales and Service Centre in Nakhchivan.
  • What stages exist to connect Nar Home TV services?

    The connection process has the following stages:

    • Approach to Nar Center with the identity card;
    • Sign a contract on the service activation;
    • Obtain DVB-T2 decoder;
    • Install the device to TV.
  • Is it possible to purchase 2 devices in the name of one person?
    Yes, one customer may obtain several decoders.
  • What channels are required to watch the paid channels?

    Only one device allows to watch the paid channels of Nar Home service, and it is DVB-T2 MPEG4 HD obtained from Nar Centre and stores. If the subscriber has his/her own DVBT-2 decoder, it is required to define its type, purchase time and place. Otherwise, it may not correspond to Nar Home service.

  • Where are Nar Home TV services provided?

    For provision of services, signing the contract, purchasing DVB-T2 decoder and replacement of the previous decoder with a new one, you can address to Nar Center in Nakhchivan. Address: Tabriz Street 1, opposite Training Centre.

    Furthermore, for signing the contract and purchasing DVB-T2, it is possible to address Nar stores. Address: Nakhchivan city, Nizami Street 14 and Ataturk Street 16.

  • What installation works should be performed?

    <p>A special cable is used for provision of connection between UHF antenna, DVB-T2 receiver and devices in the course of installation. Coaxial (common axis) cable transfer the signal from UHF antenna to DVB-T2 receiver. Afterwards, the receiver is connected to TV via AV or HDMI cable. If your TV has access to HDMI, for more qualitative display, it is recommended to use HDMI cable.&nbsp;</p>

    <p><img alt="" src="http://test.nar.az/uploads/banner_module/1.jpg" /></p>

  • How contact “Customer services”?

    It is possible to contact Customer Service 24/7. If you have questions on Nar Home service (price, installation, etc.), you can call:

    • 744 short number from Nar number;
    • (036) 55 00 744 number from city numbers and other operators’ numbers.