Full 9
Full 9

Full 9

- 300  all-net minutes
- 100 Minutes within Full
- 1.5 GB

 Just 9 AZN

From the moment of join the package, below bonuses are added to your balance and 9 AZN is charged.

If subscriber pays monthly subscription fee on time, bonuses remaining from previous month accumulate and roll over to the next month.



All-net minutes 300
Minutes within FULL 100
Internet (GB) 1.5
  • Prices

    After usage of offered bonuses, the calculation of minutes and Internet traffic during subscribtion period will be as in below table:


    Price (AZN)

    All-net minute 0.05 
    İnternet (1 MB)  0.01

    After 30 days, bonuses are automatically renewed if there is enough money on the balance. If there is not enough money on the balance, the tariff is not automatically renewed, accumulated bonuses  reset and services will be calculated based on the following table.


    Price (AZN)

    All-net minute 0.08
    All-net SMS  0.04
    İnternet (1 MB)  0.20
  • Your bonuses do not burn and roll over to the next month.

    You will not be upset any more due to unused bonuses. With Nar’s Full packages, even when the month is over, the bonuses dont burn, they roll over to the next month

    • Only bonuses offered in the Full package will roll over.
    • Bonuses can be collected for a maximum of 3 months.
    • Bonuses of the 1st month will be reseted from the 4th month.
    • If the subscription fee is regularly paid and the package is reactivated, bonuses will be collected.
    • The subscription fee is valid for 30 days.
  • “Çevir” offer!

    Now you can easily transform your minutes into megabytes and megabytes into minutes.

    Only Nar offers such an incredible offer!


    Transform your minutes into megabytes:


    Transform your megabytes into minutes:



    This offer is valid only for FULL package users

    • Service fee for each request – 0.20 AZN
    • Subscribers can use this service only 5 times per month
    • Converted bonuses will not move to the next month
    • Subscriber can use converted bonuses till the date of expiration of current FULL package
    • You can transform your megabytes into minutes and minutes into megabytes via Nar+ app or via My Account
    • In order to get information about current converted bonuses dial *777#921#YES
    • Subscriber can transform all-net minutes into megabytes in FULL 9/14/19  
    • Subscriber can transform off-net minutes into megabytes in FULL 29/39/49
  • Notes
    • In FULL Tariff, minutes within the FULL  are used before all-net minutes.
    • To check your balance, dial *777#920#yes on the phone screen or  log in to Nar+ app or to My Account
    • All costs include 18% VAT.
    • No bonuses are used for any high content or premium-paid services (talks, roaming, NarAir, SMS, downloads)
    • Prices shown in the table do not apply to calls to short numbers.
    • Calculation interval for Internet within the rate is 40 kb.
    • Calculation interval for the calls is 60 seconds.
    • After the first activating of Nar number, “Weather forecast” services are also activated automatically. The first 15 days for usage "Weather forecast" is free of charge and after expiration of this period daily service fee is 0.09 AZN.  To deactivate “Weather forecast” service send STOPWPR+ to 5550
    • Validity of bonuses is 30 days and if there are no sufficient funds to pay Monthly Fee the bonuses nulls. In case if 9 AZN is available on balance new bonuses supplement and accumulates with bonuses rolled over from previous month(s).

    • Bonuses (including accumulated) nulls if subscriber shifts out from Full 9 to any other Nar Tariff but available if subscriber shifts to Full 14/19/29/39/49

    • Calculation: 1 GB = 1000 MB

    • Subscriber can check bonuses for free via e-care” to Check current converted bonuses via Nar+ app or via My Account


Activation is free of charge and you can choose one of the following methods:

Switching from FULL 9 to FULL 14/19/29/39/49 is free.
If you switch from FULL 9 to the other Nar tariff, the service fee will be 1 AZN.
Switching to FULL tariff from other Nar tariff is free.
After the activation of the new number on Full tariff, the first tariff change will be free of charge.