Azerfon MMC

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Note: Starting from 08.05.2023 the cost of 1 minute all-net call within FULL tariffs with paid monthly fee will be 0.06 AZN.

And the cost of 1MB of internet will be 0.02 AZN.

For connection:

To connect to the tariff, you need to buy a new number in our sales and service centers.

  • Your bonuses do not burn and roll over to the next month.

    You will not be upset anymore due to unused bonuses. With Nar FULL packages, even when the month is over, the bonuses don’t burn, they roll over to the next month


    • If the subscription fee is regularly paid and the package is reactivated, bonuses are accumulated for 3 months.
    • Bonuses of the 1st month will be nulled from the 4th month.
    • The subscription fee is valid for 30 days.
  • “Çevir” offer

    Only with Nar and only with FULL packages you can easily transform your minutes into megabytes and megabytes into minutes.

    Transform your minutes into megabytes:

    Transform your megabytes into minutes:


    • Converted bonuses will not move to the next month;
    • Subscriber can use converted bonuses till the date of expiration of current FULL package;
    • Service fee for each request – 0.50 AZN;
    • During monthly subscription period subscriber can use this service 1 time within 30 days starting from the date of 1st usage of this service;
    • This offer is valid only for FULL package users.
    • To check the number of remaining attempts to use the service:

    Dial *778*1#YES;

    Send Chevir to 778 via SMS.

  • Notes

    Connection terms:

    Only new prepaid line subscribers can be connected the FULL 6 tariff. To connect, please visit the nearest Nar sales and service center.


    • When bonuses are used up the price of all-net minute will be 0.06 AZN, all-net SMS – 0.04 AZN, 1 MB of the internet – 0.02 AZN. If the subscription fee is not paid the price of all-net minute will be 0.08 AZN, all-net SMS – 0.04 AZN, 1 MB of the internet – 0.20 AZN;
    • VAT included.

    To check bonuses:


    • The usage period of bonuses is 30 days and if there is not enough amount on balance remaining bonuses will be nulled;
    • Bonuses of the FULL package can be updated only once every 30 days.
    • If you switch from FULL 6 package to another tariff the bonuses will be nulled;
    • If you switch to FULL 9/14/19/29/39/49 packages the bonuses will not be nulled.  

    Calculation interval:

    • Calculation interval of calls is 60 seconds;
    • Internet calculation interval is 64 KB.


    • Switch from FULL 6 package to FULL 9/14, 19, 29, 39 and FULL 49 packages if free;
    • Service fee for switching from FULL 6 package to other Nar tariff is 1 AZN;
    • The offered prices and any bonuses do not apply to short numbers, as well as to calls in roaming, SMS, any content or high-paying premium services (during NarAir, SMS, downloads).