Fiber optik
Fiber optik

NarNet fiber optic

Choose tariff and feel fiber optic Internet difference!

NarNet will provide you with fiber optic Internet with the latest standards in Baku city. To get connected, you do not need a telephone line or modem. Just choose the appropriate tariff from the following table, and activate Nar Home and enjoy high-speed fiber optic Internet at your home or office!


Speed Monthly

subscription fee (AZN)
Fiber-12 2/2 mb/s 12 
Fiber-15 5/5 mb/s 15 
Fiber-17 15/15 mb/s 17 
Fiber-25 20/20 mb/s 25 
Fiber-29 30/30 mb/s 29 
Fiber-39 40/40 mb/s 39 

Remarks: Prices include 18% VAT

Rules for changing tariffs (for existing, temporarily suspended services and for new subscribers):

  • The transition to a more expensive tariff is free.
  • The cost of transition to less expensive tariff is 10 AZN.
  • If the tariff is changed, the connection fee is not charged.
  • The subscriber should only pay a monthly subscription fee and the cost of changing the tariff.
  • Support service

    In case of any questions or difficulties, please contact us. Our specially allocated subscriber support line is ready to answer all your questions. It is sufficient to:

    • Call 0124440444 or 1827. Calls from Nar numbers are free of charge. Calls from the users of other operators and landline numbers will be charged due to tariff.