Avropa paketi
Avropa paketi

Europe bundle

From 10.12.2018 transfer to “Europe bundle” tariff  is closed.

With new offer from Nar, you can take internet with yourself in roaming. Pay only 2 gepiks for per MB.

*From 10.12.2018 Europe bundle is closed.

Package name Traffic  How to connect Price
“Europe” bundle 200 MB *777#078#YES 4 AZN
  • Countries
    Country Network
    Austria T-Mobile A,T-Mobile, Telering
    Croatia T-Mobile​
    Czech Republic T-Mobile​
    Germany Telekom Deutschland, T-Mobile ​
    Greece Cosmote, T-Mobile ​
    Luxemburg Post
    Hungary Magyar Telekom​, T-Mobile
    Romania Telekom.Ro​, Zapp, T-Mobile
    Slovakia Telekom Slovak, Telekom Slovakia, T-Mobile ​
  • Notes
    • Send ”Europe” or “Avropa” to 777 and get more detailed info.
    • The offering will be available to order via E-care.
    • You can order this bundle as much as you want.
    • All of bonuses are accumulated.
    • Usage period is 15 days.
    • Price of per MB after quota exceed during 15 days lifecycle is 0.30 AZN.
    • Price of per MB after 15 days lifecycle is equal to price in appropriate Zone.
    • In order to check bonuses dial *777#20#YES.