The most convenient way to check and manage your balance!

"eControl" service lets you  get information on your current balance from your smartphone, tablet or computer without transferring to another page. 

In addition, you can order Internet packages, top up your balance online or by payment card and to use other Nar services.

Information provided:

  • Information on the balance;
  • Internet package balance;
  • Used numbers.

The provided services:

  • Ordering online packages;
  • Top up the balance online and by payment cards.


  • eControl service is only available on HTTP-type sites.
  • For information about the availability of services in your number:
  • Contact Customer Service Center;
  • Write on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter).

To use eControl service you need only click on Nar logo in the upper-right corner of your browser:

By clicking on Nar logo, eControl opens. You will be offered links to manage your Payment and Account Management. You can also order the package and regulate the menu:

Let’s take a closer look at menu:

When you select the top-up your balance, you are offered the options for Nar card and online payment (through Golden Pay and AzeriCard):

Remarks:  The balance is updated every 5 minutes. In order to receive the final balance information, it is recommended to press the balance button in 5 minutes after the specified time.

By selecting “Activate the package” in the main page or My account section, you can order Internet package for the used number. Information on the price, volume and use period of the offered packages is given on the “Package Order” page. You can order Internet package by one click:

By transferring from "Menu" to “Settings” section you can deactivate eControl for 10 minutes or just on the used page.