My Family package

From 01.01.2019 migration to “My family” package is closed.

Four family members or a friend is able to talk to each other for free, whereas they are able to talk via all remaining numbers at the price of 4 gepiks.  Receive "Ailəm" package that consists of 4 numbers from the nearest Nar shop now at the price of 6 AZN and rejoice both yourself and your family.
  • Notes
    • Nar subscribers are able to connect to "Ailəm" prepaid package. Nar number subscribers who connected to this package during the recent 90 days will be able to talk without any charge since the date they have joined the campaign. Subscribers who activated their numbers 90 days before will talk at the price of 1 gepik. 
    • There to 4 Nar subscribers who want to connect their numbers within one package have to appeal to one of the following Nar Centres with the identity card (where their number was registered):
      • M. Jafarov street 3005, Baku city (Memar Ajami m/s.)
      • Atatürk avenue 261, Ganja city
      • Hazi Aslanov street 27, Lankaran city
      • Tabriz street 1, Nakhchivan city
    • The operation can be carried out for a certain period of time. Terms and conditions:
      • The number should be active / double-sided open;
      • The number should be debt free;
      • The number should be Unikal tariff number; change of tariff can be payable.
      • Any person who wants to connect to "Ailəm" package should bring the identity card with registration of package number or power of attorney of the owner of a number.
      • At least 2 numbers, but mostly 4 numbers can be connected to one package.
      • One "Ailəm" group can contain one Nar number.